Take your first step toward New York Comic Con

19 APRIL 2017

Was SDCC Open Reg really only 11 days ago? It seems like forever. If it's still on your mind, however, because you didn't get a badge and you've been moping around ever since, you should definitely consider going to New York Comic Con. And your journey can start today.

Fan Verification has opened up today and closes 3 May. Much like SDCC Member IDs, everyone who wants to get a NYCC ticket needs a profile, so make sure you and your friends all create one.

Having a profile doesn't guarantee you a badge. But while the annual NYCC sale has gotten increasingly competitive in recent years, your odds are still better than with SDCC. It's a big, beautiful show and it takes place in October, which is a great time to be in New York.

Seriously - think about going.

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