Reminder: the Early Bird sale won't last forever

17 APRIL 2017

I speak to you today in a spirit of pragmatic pessimism. You know that the official San Diego Comic-Con hotel sale is just around the corner. And if you're like most attendees, you're hoping to score a downtown room.

But if you lived through the last few Hotel Days, then you know how unlikely that is. Landing a discounted room for Comic-Con has gotten tougher and tougher, and the sale itself - bizarre glitches, an inexplicably high rate of failure, the frustrating lack of control - sends up an annual outcry from attendees.

(First-timers who think I'm exaggerating, Exhibit A and B and C.)

With that in mind, you may want to consider the Early Bird sale. Rooms are already selling out but there are still some hotels left (including my recommendation Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina). I know these aren't your dream hotels, but this process at least offers you some control, unlike the hotel sale proper. Shuttle service is always available, so you can still party till all hours and make it back to your room safely - for free. And if you're a Hall H camper or any kind of overnight-line person, does it even matter where you stay?

Just something to consider. Early Bird will close when the real hotel sale happens, so you won't be able to crawl back to this as a safety option should you not get a room in the sale. If you want to book a room without drama, if you want to avoid the below email - seriously, consider Early Bird.

And one final suggestion: if you're looking for a roommate, don't wait for the sale. Start asking around now so you can team up together during Hotel Day.

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