Hotel Day is 26 April - and you'll need to make some tough choices

21 APRIL 2017


Your second most stressful day of the year is happening next Wednesday: Hotel Day is 26 April.

The sale will function much like the badge sale; you'll get an email with a link to the waiting room, log into the waiting room and wait to get picked once the sale goes live. But there are some changes you should prepare for now.

What's Different

  • One difference during the sale: instead of picking 6 hotels, you'll be able to pick up to 6 downtown hotels and 6 non-downtown hotels.

  • A difference after the sale: people will be notified in two groups, 1 May and 8 May. You'll be notified "no later than" 15 May if you don't get a room.

Consider this in the context of the expanded 12 choices. Pick all 12 and you're more likely to get a hotel of your choosing, technically speaking. Pick Town and Country as a non-downtown option? Your request was granted - and now you're stuck with it. Because this part bears careful reading: "If you receive a confirmation email and are not happy with your hotel, you can opt to take no action or notify onPeak of your intention to cancel your reservations." No action means, you don't pay your deposit and your reservation is canceled.

To summarize - you get what you get. There's no mention of if/when hotel reservations will open back up, as they have every other year when the dust settles. Oh, and this maddeningly did not change: instead of restricting rooms to people with badges, any one can take part. And trust me, they will.

As for your 12 picks, keep in mind, you don't have to use all of them; you can choose to only select downtown hotels. But that's still setting yourself up for a painful email notifying you that you have no room at all.

I'll post more advice for the hotel sale this weekend. For now, study the sample list, make your game plan, and please consider doing Early Bird. It's going away very soon.

Good luck.

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