You made a Member ID account, right?

24 MARCH 2017

Because if you didn't, you can say goodbye to your dream of going to San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

The ability to create new Member ID accounts for SDCC 2017 has been shut down; we know from that Open Registration is nigh. If you never got around to making one, well, there's a reason Victor Kiam said procrastination is opportunity's assassin. Go in and make yours now and get ready for SDCC 2018.

Everyone else - the final round of your Comic-Con badge fate is almost here. 


  1. Uh's coming soon! Open Registration!! I used to work at Bullock's department store years ago. And whenever we'd have huge sale, tons of people would wait until the glass doors were opened by management. Once the glass doors open, herds and herds of people came running down the aisles like pigs led to slaughter. It'll be a blood bath and only a few will get a pass. But, still, pigs like me want to run down the aisles to get that golden pass!

  2. An elegant analogy. :) I hope you get the badge you want! I have a feeling it will be slightly less brutal than last year... slightly.