Financial reminder about Open Registration

27 MARCH 2017

Open Registration for San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner. Whether you're trying to upgrade a Returning Reg badge or anticipating your first badge sale ever, your thoughts are probably consumed with the outcome: if you're getting a badge at all.

But there is something else to think about now and that's money. I talked to some first-timers this weekend who were struggling to come up with the price of a Preview Night badge (that's all 4 days plus Preview Night for you neophytes.) They were thinking that IF they get lucky in the sale, they'll have to pay $265. They were not happy when I pointed out that the badge sale lets you buy 3 badges - so whoever gets picked and buys for himself and his 2 friends, will actually have to pay $795.

Credit cards are the only accepted form of payment. Whoever you buy for might Paypal you the money right away, but you'll still need enough room on your cards to get all 3 badges. Conversely, if someone else buys for you, you'll need to have the cash on hand to send them.

So consider this a polite reminder: if you're struggling financially, or have some type of credit/cash flow issue, it's best to get your funds worked out now. CCI does let you fix any card rejection that might occur, but you'll still need to come up with payment within a short window of time. This is the last thing you want to worry about during the sale, when you'll already be anxious - so do what you can now to make sure the money is there.

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