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13 JANUARY 2017

Happy Friday the 13th! Are you making a San Diego Comic-Con badge sale conjure bag right now? Writing PREVIEW NIGHT in dragon's blood ink on a mandrake root?  Well, put SDCC aside and think ahead 7 weeks - specifically to the first week of March, when Emerald City Comicon lights up our lives.

There is a lot to plan if you're going, and it's possible you're so sick of their flying man loading screen that you're afraid to check their site. So to help you stay current, here are a few developments the ECCC team has sprung on us:

  • The ticket mailing deadline is 27 January. Not far away at all. You can still buy after that, but then you'll need to pick up your tickets on site. If you'd rather have them arrive in the mail, buy now.

  • In fact, I would recommend checking out the ever-growing guest lists, both comics and entertainment: I know we're all sad that Carrie Fisher won't be there, but ECCC has added some nice guests and will certainly add more over the coming weeks. 

  • You can also buy tickets to a Thursday night erotic fanfiction competition based on Sandman. No, this isn't a bunch of subway poets morosely identifying with Dream and Despair; the writers include ECCC fave Matt Fraction, Seanan McGuire, Scott Westerfield and a few others, and you'll vote on their work. I'll post more about this tomorrow.

  • But what if you're an attorney who wants to get schooled on the law as it pertains to the comic book industry? Emerald City is presenting two new classes, in association with the Washington State Bar Association and Thomas A. Crowell. This is for attorneys only; you can't pop in and ask a presenter if your publishing contract is on the up and up.

  • And if you want to learn art tricks from "the most knowledgeable and experienced artists in the industry," you can sign up for the Schoolism Live workshops. You don't need an ECCC badge for this.

We're just getting into the season where more outside events will get announced, as well as more guests and panels and exclusives. So I'll be posting more on Emerald City going forward - and if you still haven't decided if you're going, hopefully you'll jump off the fence and buy a ticket.

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