More Outlander VIP tix will go on sale at noon PST

13 FRIDAY 2017

If you missed the chance to buy ECCC's Outlander tickets - which includes a special VIP meet and greet, autographs and photo ops - more tickets will go on sale at noon today. The Rob Liefield package is currently available too.

To be clear, this doesn't waive your need to buy a regular Emerald City Comicon ticket - you'll need a Friday, Saturday or 4-day ticket. Friday tickets are still available, so you have a shot.

Now - I know some of you are mildly resentful, because you wonder how many more of these special packages are going to be offered, and will they sell out while you're trapped at a job or stuck in a DMV line or some other imposition. All I can say is that as I noted below, we are officially in Emerald City season and you'll need to pay close attention to announcements. That's Comic Con life.

And yes, there will be more guests and events announced in the coming weeks. The ECCC hype is just getting started.

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