ECCC kid tickets are running low

18 JANUARY 2017

If you're taking a youngster to Emerald City Comicon and they're between 6 and 12, get their ticket right now - ECCC has sent out an official warning that child tickets are running low.

Interestingly, Friday is still available with only 6 weeks to go. That's quite a span between the 4-days and Saturdays going so fast, and then Friday hanging on to almost the bitter end. Why is that? Are people having a hard time getting it off from work?


  1. My guess is that they changed the allocation of 4 day badges, such that there were far more 4 days badges this year (more than the 4 day + 3 day from last year) and far fewer single day badges. So people who were interested in Friday already bought their multi-day badges.

    What would be interesting is to see what would happen if they made ALL of the badges 4 day badges, with no other option. Would it still sell out quickly?

    1. I bet you're right... What I wouldn't give for exact numbers.