The pre-ECCC events waiting for you

22 JANUARY 2017

39 days until Emerald City - are you ready? Are you going to make it through these final weeks??

If not, you have options.

Fremont Brewing has again crafted the chosen beer of ECCC, Dark Heron - and you can go to its launch party on Thursday, 2 February at the Fremont Brewing Urban Beer Garden at 1050 N. 34th Street in Seatle.

On 6 February you can go to a night of "Comicprov" featuring comedy, cosplay, giveaways and photo ops. At Unexpected Productions - 1428 Post Alley, Seattle.

Or you can run your little heart out at the Cosplay 5K Fun Run on Monday, 25 February at Green Lake. This is a race you can run in your cosplay - so make sure yours is comfortable.

Most of the emails I've gotten have asked me about nighttime Con events, though - film screenings, parties and such. I'll cover those as we get closer. Don't worry about having nothing to do at night; there will be plenty going on.

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