New Phoenix Comicon volunteer policy on hold

5 JANUARY 2017

Due to protests over the proposed Phoenix Comicon pay-to-volunteer plan, director Matt Solberg and the rest of the convention organizers have gone back to the drawing board. An email today stated that Solberg will not remain on the board of Blue Ribbon Army, the organization which prospective volunteers would pay to join, and will have no voting stake.

Meetings have already been planned with volunteers and staff; those meetings will discuss other options, such as a smaller but paid workforce and/or unpaid volunteers recruited through a nonprofit. While it sounds like Blue Ribbon Army will still be the nonprofit of choice, there will be an increased degree of separation between PHXCC and BRA. In theory.

I don't think there's going to be a perfect solution here that makes everyone happy - but the recognition of community feeling is a positive development, as is the solicitation of input. I'm sure the dialogue over the coming weeks and months will be an interesting one. Whether it's an effective one remains to be seen.

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