Your strategy for buying ECCC single day tickets

19 OCTOBER 2016

As the sun sets on the first day of the Emerald City Comicon ticket sale, all single day tickets are still available. You may hear a lot of histrionics about how "ECCC sold out in 10 minutes!" But it isn't true.

What actually happened is that the 4-day tickets - where you get a complete set for a slightly lower price than you'd pay for each day separately - sold out. And it was in about 20 minutes. You can still buy a complete ECCC experience by buying the single day tickets.

I realize that if you missed out on a 4-day ticket, you may be slightly grumpy about paying 40 dollars more. Or maybe your finances are very precarious, and that 40 dollars represents something vital to you. Either way, remember this; you don't have to buy all 4 days.

Thursday is a half day and will focus mostly on comics. It's also your chance to shop on the showroom floor while the booths are at their fullest state. But if you skip Thursday, is it really going to ruin your weekend?

Friday and Saturday are of course the days that traditionally have major celebrities and panels. If those are important to you, buy those days now - they'll be the first to sell out. You can decide on Sunday and Thursday later.

Sunday usually has good offerings at ECCC. But if you party it up on the preceding nights, you may just wind up sleeping in Sunday anyhow. Maybe your flight leaves in the afternoon. Maybe you spend Sunday catching up with friends. Unless you know you absolutely cannot miss Sunday - skip it for now.

And don't forget, you out-of-towners, that the area has beautiful hiking to offer and lots of worthwhile day trips. If you've never been to Seattle before, don't let ECCC be all you see of it - take some time off and go explore.

I'm sure there are some disgruntled nerds out there today, lamenting their inability to get their hands on a 4-day ticket. But it's not the end of the world, even if you can't or won't pay extra for a complete set of single day tickets.


  1. Aaaaaand.... one week in, Saturday tickets are gone.

    1. You know what I miss? Their Tumblr and the way it would warn everyone when ticket types were running low.

    2. They did announce it on Twitter... I think a day before? Then they sent out that email saying that they won't be sending out emails anymore. They want you to follow them on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook. So much for being accessible to the attendees... sigh. They're communicating like every other con now.