Say goodbye to ECCC Saturday badges

27 OCTOBER 2016

Did you get around to buying your Emerald City Comicon badge, slacker? I hope so, because Saturday tickets are gone and they're not coming back; they won't be sold locally around town at comic shops so if you didn't snatch up all 4 days yet, you're out of luck.

Fun fact: this is just a few days later than Saturday sold out last year. Except that sale was much earlier than this one, which means we went from Saturday selling out in a month to selling out in a week.

Nothing too surprising here. All the cool kids want to go to Emerald City Comicon. For anyone who thinks Cons are just for Hollywood fans now, this is proof that comic-oriented Cons are still a hot ticket. If you're thirsty for comic book talent, fun and offbeat panels, incredible cosplay and great events, ECCC is your jam.

That's not to say you don't get great entertainment guests too at Emerald City, because you do. I just returned from Halloween Horror Nights where no one I talked to had heard of ECCC (I had to discuss my 4-day ticket, what can I say.) Some of the people I talked to - people who love Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad - seemed skeptical that a Con in Seattle could attract any actors they'd want to see.

Wrong! Big stars from big shows and movies regularly offer themselves up to hungry fans at ECCC. So if you're thinking should I go for 3 days, is it worth it, I don't know - yes, it is. And don't think having a Saturday gap ruins anything. You will have plenty to do.

Look at it this way - thousands of fans who feverishly buy up ECCC tickets faster and faster every year can't be wrong. So pounce on those remaining tickets if you want them.


  1. Would you recommend this over San Diego or New York or Salt Lake? How would you rNk those?

    1. It depends what interests you. Do you want huge Hollywood/studio panels? Then you want SDCC or NYCC (SDCC is better, because of the strong offsite presence, but NYCC is no slouch). ECCC is the con for you if you want a large artists' alley and a big cosplay/writing presence. As far as meeting celebs and getting paid photos/autographs, ECCC is about on par with Salt Lake.