Welcome to the Emerald City Comicon sale

19 OCTOBER 2016


I feel compelled to put this in historical context:

Last year 4-day badges sold out in 50 minutes. Celebrity tickets went a few hours after that and Special Access a few hours after that. Since they abolished those VIP levels and made 4-day the top tier, that means what took most of the day last year took 20 minutes this year.

Unless of course they made mostly single day badges available. Which is possible, but I don't see why they would radically reduce the number of 4-day tickets.

Now we just have to see how fast Saturday sells out. Last year it took a month. The year before that, multiple months. But people are already buying up all of the single days right now.


4-day passes just sold out. Entirely. Single day tickets are available so please get yours now if you want to make all 4 days of this Con.


The queue has barely a wait at all. So yes, anyone who really wants an ECCC ticket is going to get one today - if they're on top of it.


Just a note on the hotels - if you're not seeing the days you want (like Weds) don't freak out. It's possible more days will be added later, which happened last year.


And I've already gotten 1 "ECCC is turning into SDCC" gripe-text. Nah, not really. This is eating ice cream on the beach while serenaded by angels compared to an SDCC badge or hotel sale.


So I spent about 2 minutes in queue before getting in on the first one, and 4 minutes on the second, experimental one. I know this is frustrating, but the 4-day tickets are still available and if you're in queue right now, I'm sure you'll be fine.


It took me 3 minutes to even get into queue. 5 minutes on my other laptop. Anyone else?

11:31 am

Just a half hour till the sale goes live. At this point you should have your credit card in hand, your hotel already booked, and your dreams of hanging out with Carrie Fisher and Chewbacca firmly in place.

I'm really hoping today doesn't bring any snarly surprises. Yes, ECCC tickets have gone faster and faster every year. This could be the year that all 4 days - both packaged and separately - sell out in a snap. But last year all 4 single day badges were available for about a month, so there's probably no need to worry this year.

That said, I'm sure we'll set a new record this year. 

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  1. 4-day badges sold out approximately 10 minutes into the sale, however badges kept flashing in and out over the next 20 minutes or so as people's carts expired. A few lucky attendees were able to grab those.

    ECCC announced that they had turned all 3-day badges (from last year) into 4-day badges. So in that sense, the badges sold out super fast, because 3 day badges were still available for about 24 hours last year.