Emerald City Comicon Sale Countdown

9 OCTOBER 2016

Do you know what a week from Wednesday is? One of the most important dates of the year for any comic book nerd with a dream of Seattle in their heart, that's what. Emerald City Comicon tickets are finally going on sale on 19 October, noon PST.

Here's what you can do in these last days:

  • Talk to your comrades and decide how many badges you need and what kind. You can buy 4 tickets per type, 16 tickets total.
  • Have enough money on your card to cover all of that, plus any hotel deposits.
  • Find a way to block some time away from your job if you can. You might think this will be one of those easy badge sales where you click a button, snatch up your preferred ticket and check out, but last year we were put in a queue. I got in and out quickly enough, but that doesn't mean you won't spend some time in line. And trying to multi-task during a badge sale is the worst.
  • Don't stress. Even if full badges sell out immediately, you'll probably still be able to pick up all 4 days. Last year we did have a brief tech snafu where the site went down, but that wasn't on day 1 and everything recovered pretty quickly. My advice prevails: do be ready at zero hour, but don't toss and turn all night before like many of us do before SDCC Open Reg.
  • Talk yourself into going if you're still on the fence. Remember that this Con is pretty economical (full badges are just 110, hotels under 200 a night) and that ECCC offers some of the top comic book and Hollywood talent around - without the stress of SDCC. And it's in Seattle, so of course you're going to meet interesting people and dine and drink magnificently. Give yourself an early Halloween present.

And finally - sorry to cast a macabre specter over this sale - if you're an SDCC attendee, you know you can't absolutely count on going next summer. Yes, I know you have your strategies and buying group and previous volunteering to fall back on. But just in case things don't go your way for San Diego, you'll have this in your pocket.

This ECCC sale already feels a little different from previous years; we've lost their comforting Tumblr and instead have their annoyingly redesigned website. But the guests so far - Stan Lee, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction, Jon Bernthal, Gail Simone, Scott Snyder, among others - feel both familiar and promising, and there's no reason to think that the ECCC 2017 will deviate from what we've had in the past, other than getting even better.

I'll be with you during the sale, and I'll cover any developments before then. Stay tuned.

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