Tomorrow is the ECCC sale. Are you ready?

18 OCTOBER 2016

Remember when the ECCC team said their ticket sale would be in mid to late October and it sounded so far away? Now it's tomorrow. Are you ready?

This sale isn't a complex web of navigational tactics, unlike other Comic-Con badge sales, but there are still a few basic rules to follow:

1) Don't wait. Be ready a few minutes before noon PST when it goes live.

2) Have your money ready. You're allowed to buy 16 tickets, 4 of each type, so that could equal a fair amount of credit card space.

3) Carve some time out of your schedule in case you get stuck in the queue. The days of completing your transaction in 83 seconds are over, unless you get super lucky. I wouldn't advise trying to pull this off while you're on a conference call or surreptitiously using your phone at your retail job.

4) Don't freak out if you get stuck in the queue. You'll get your tickets, most likely.

5) Keep your eyes peeled for hotel news, which ECCC has been close-mouthed about so far. If you remember last year, when a dozen things went live all at once, they seem to have adopted a different (and calmer) course this year.

I'll be live-blogging the sale, but hopefully nothing too dramatic happens. See you tomorrow, companeros.

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