IT jobs at San Diego Comic-Con

2 JULY 2016

Are you looking for a contract IT job this month? Because Comic-Con needs IT support from 11 July - 25 July. This is a full-time job (albeit temporary) with likely some overtime.

At first you'll work at CCI headquarters "supporting the internal end users with hardware, software, networking issues Tier 2 level. Chat, email, remote and deskside support." Then Comic-Con starts and you'll be working a specific area on the floor where you'll help vendors with their issues - printers, laptops, networking, etc.

For all of this, you will be paid the unprincely sum of... $17 an hour. That seems kind of low to me so let's hope you get a comp badge and some free time to prowl around the Con.

Submit your resume; SDCC fans "are most certainly welcome."

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