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22 JULY 2016

Comic-Con is in full swing. Later I'll post updates on SDCC news, a mini-interview with Grant Morrison and some panel reviews. But right now let's speculate on what will be the fullest day of the Con for many. Are you ready for today?

Hall H is a magnet with Con Man at 10:30, Fear the Walking Dead at noon, followed by The Walking Dead at 1, then Game of Thrones at 2:15. The you have Joss Whedon at 3:45 and South Park at 5. Preacher is at 6:30.

But Ballroom 20 is awesome as well with The Big Bang Theory at 10, then Bones at 11:15. The much-anticipated The 100 panel will answer "burning questions" at 12:30. EW brings you all your TV boyfriends at 1:45 in Brave New Warriors. Agents of SHIELD is at 3, followed by Fan Favorites at 4:15. iZombie is at 5:30 and then Scream Queens at 6:45. Then you, me and other nerds with excellent taste are going to The Killing Joke premiere at 9.

But don't forget about the celebration of everything animation in the Indigo Ballroom. Steven Universe launches animation day at 10:15. Robot Chicken is at 12:15 and then Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio at 1:15. Rick and Morty is at 2:15, then Samurai Jack at 3:15. Bob's Burgers is at 4, then Archer at 5.

If you're not in the big rooms, you still have lots of TV and movie panels to entertain you.

Consider 6A. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are 11:45, giving you a sneak peak of Season 4. Later, Dead of Summer has a panel at 2:15 in the same room. Then Bates Motel is at at 3:30, and Salem follows at 4:45. Then starting your night off on a creepy note, The Exorcist (new show, not the old movie) will screen at 6:00.

If you missed People of Earth's pilot on Preview Night, you can see it at 2:00 in 6BCF. Powerless follows at 2:30.

Line up very, very early: American Gods attracts everyone within a 10 mile radius to 6BCF at 3:15.  It's followed by Orphan Black at 4:30, and then Vikings at 5:45.

Or go to Bold Voice of Contemporary Horror, also at 6, in 7A.

Nickelodeon's Women in Animation panel is in room 24ABC at 6:30.

Talk about the movies and shows you love and hate in the Rotten Tomatoes panel at 6:45 in 6DE.

"Supernatural Super" offers your favorite paranormal show hosts in 7AB at 7:00.

Today is a stronger day than yesterday for comics and collectibles.

Marvel: Civil War II kicks off at 10 in 6 DE.

Halo Wars 2 is in 6BCF at 10:15.

Grant Morrison talks more about Indian Superheroes at 11 in 32AB.

Image talks about the new worlds they've created in 23ABC, also at 11.

DC's Rebirth meets Mattel at 11 in 25ABC.

Aspen Comics fans can find out about future projects in room 9 at 11. Star Wars fans can find out about new comics and books in 7AB.

The creative teams behind DC's villains talk Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn at 11:15 in 6DE.

Fan of Boom's Might Morphin Power Rangers? Head to 5AB at 11:30.

You can celebrate 20 years of Resident Evil in 6BCF at the same time.

3 words that definitely belong together: "Shatner Singularity Universe." 12:45 in 6BCF.

What's the latest in the world of Star Wars Collectibles? 1:00 in 7AB.

Star Trek: 5 Decades of Comics will be in room 8 at 1:30.

Lovers of exploratory art will attend Dave McKean's "Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash New Graphic Novel" in 7AB at 2. Then you can discuss Dark Horse literature at 3 in the same room.

"Teen Superheroes: Hormones and Super Powers" is in 25ABC at 2.

It's The Tick's 30th anniversary. Celebrate with surprise panelists at 2:30 at the Horton.

DC Rebirth focuses on the Justice League at 3 in 6DE.

Horror and thriller authors talk about your "deepest and darkest fears" in 29AB at 3.

Did you know the CDC and others made a motion comic focused on HIV and STI prevention? See the first episode and find out more about the series in 32AB at 4.

Explore your dreams of owning your own comic shop in 28DE at 4.

At 5, you can get a look at the upcoming Mouse Guard Coloring Book and get a live reading of a Mouse Guard story from comedian Hal Lublin.

Sure to be popular: DC's Young Animal panel with Gerard Way. 5AB at 5:30.

Cosplayers have some good choices today in the Marriott.

"Cosplay Makeup 101" starts the day at 10 - then you'll find out how to take your cosplay to the next level in "Cosplay 102" at 11.

Want to cosplay with your kids? Return to the Marriott at 2. Then you can stop being frivolous and go to "Cosplay: Let's Get Serious" at 4. And if you want to take your cosplay skills to the big time? "From Cosplayer to Hollywood Creative" is at 5.

Creatives get a boatload of panels today.

f you're doing Comic Creator Connection, come to listen to the "All Stars" at 10 am for tips on making it a success.

Margaret Atwood discusses "Geek Girls & Catbirds" at 10 in 25ABC.

Are you a master of the short comic form? Talk to other masters at "Short Form Comics" at 10 in 28DE. 

Or you can learn "The Tools of Plotting" at 10 in room 2. 

Storytelling and VR and AR: it's here and you can learn all about it at 11 in 29AB.

And also at 11, Publishers Weekly helps you with "Turning Your Ideas into Graphic Novels."  In 28DE. 

Learn "Advanced Digital Inking Techniques" in room 2 at 11:15.

How revolutionary: "Guerilla Tactics for Sharing Your Art with the World." 12:30 in room 2.

"Draw Pretty Girls" tells you how to make female characters "cool and sexy without objectifying them." 1:30 in room 2.

If you can't make it into that one, "How to Draw Convincing Hand and Facial Expressions" is at 2 in 30DCE. 

Or you could just go to "Hollywood Location Scouts" at 2 and hear real scouts tell you what's involved and answer your questions. 23ABC.

Do you want to launch your own comic book company? Room 8 at 2:30.

Another panel on "Breaking Into Comics." 3 pm in 30CDE.

Adam Hughes teaches you how to draw like him at 3 in room 2. Or wait until 4:30 and find out the same from Jim Lee in the same room.

Are you an indie creator? You may want to attend "Acquiring Distribution through Diamond Comics" at 3:30.

Writers can "Ask An Agent" at the same time in 24ABC. 

If you're a sci fi writer, you may want to go to Science Fiction/Future Now at 4:30 in 26AB.

Both artists and writers are invited to perfect their pitch before attending the Comic Creator Connection at 5 in the Santa Rose room at Marriott.

"Mold, Resin, 3D Printing and FX Techniques" gives you behind-the-scenes peeks in 30CDE at 5. 

Want to explore our nerdy culture?

"Queer Representation in All Ages and Youth Media" brings you comic stars discussing the LGBTQAI+ world for youngsters.

The Black Panel is back: room 5AB at 10 with possible surprise guests.

Are you trying to launch a nerd-based or pop culture startup? You'll have your very own Shark Tank to pitch your idea and get coaching. 32AB at 1.

What's happening in China? Superfans everywhere, apparently. Find out about this "lifestyle" in room 9 at 2.

Transgender representation in pop culture: find out about it in 28DE at 2.

The tie between horror and LGBTQ: explore it at 7 in 28DE.

Not as much science today, but it's still pretty good.

"Star Wars" the Science Awakens" is in 7AB at 10. NASA and Mars is also in 7AB at 4.

Are you curious about real Trek tech? Report to room 5AB at 6:30 to learn about "Science, the Smithsonian and Star Trek." Not only will you get a glimpse of the restored Enterprise, you'll see clips of the upcoming 2 hour special "Building Star Trek."

"Science and Comics" will discuss AI, robots and rockets at 8 in 25ABC.

Friday night at the Con brings many wonderful options. Behold. 

At 7, you can see the 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows.

Howl's Moving Castle will be shown at the Horton at 7.

Sharknado fans will want to visit with the cast at 7:15 in 6A.

7:30 brings the Geek & Sundry How Geeky Are You? trivia panel in room 8.

The Star Wars trivia panel is at 8 in 7AB.

The Eisners are at 8 in the Indigo Ballroom.

The Hollywood Science Fiction Museum will present photos and news at 8:30 in 24ABC.

The Christian Comic Arts Society Mixer is at 8:30 in 26AB.

The Killing Joke is at 9 in Ballroom 20. Who's coming with me?

Heavy Metal: The Movie is on at the same time in room 28DE. Side note: the Heavy Metal panel yesterday said another movie is a possibility.

The Floyd Norman documentary is also at 9 in room 9.

Or you could choose "zany fun" with Super Geeked Up Live at 9 in 29AB.

Hall H and Ballroom 20 playback kicks off at 9 at the Marriott.

Screen Junkies are at 9:15 in 6DE.

Spike and Mike are in 6BCF at 9:30.

See you in the rooms.

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