Your badge will arrive in a bland white envelope

20 JUNE 2016

                                                 From @kyleewho at Nerdphiles

Happy Summer Solstice! You know how we all joked about thieves intercepting our mail and stealing our coveted SDCC badges? CCI apparently took that to heart, because the badges are shipping out in plain white envelopes that resemble:

1) A credit card offer with a high interest rate
2) A mortgage refi offer from a shady company
3) A class action award notification from some failed electronic you bought in 2007

Seriously - I hate snail mail, and I deal with mine by quickly pulling out anything I recognize as necessary and dumping the rest in the recycle bin. I never would have looked at this envelope and thought, "Badges!" And I get that that's the idea, kind of, but come on, CCI, throw us a bone here. Use a colored envelope, or a code return address like Wayne Manor. This white envelope is some James Bond-level covertness.

Now: CCI is emailing us to notify us of our badges' imminent arrival. So that helps. Bake a little treat for your mailperson if you already have a rapport with them. Stalk your mailbox like a mountain lion. But if you live with other people, you'll need to prepare them for the white envelope as well. Because really, your dad or roommate could roll in from an irritating day and chuck it right in the garbage, or assume it's some dull legal business they'll handle themselves and stick it in a pile of monthly crap to address later. Make sure they know that all mail is sacrosanct and to be sorted by you alone during these critical days.

Again, make sure you know whose badge is going to who and figure out the best way to make the exchange. Don't take it personally if the person whose badge you receive seems anxious or paranoid. This is going to be an emotional process. If for some reason your buyer says they haven't received it, contact CCI at

Fun SDCC trivia: apparently they used to ship out badges, because they said "Thank you for your patience and support as we ship out badges for the first time in many years." I'm guessing those badges rolled off a dot matrix printer, but it's still interesting.

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