Welcome to Con-X, yet another SDCC offsite

20 JUNE 2016

So yes, it's a month today to the magical portal of Preview Night. The official whistle has blown and it's time to get that night-before-Christmas jittery feeling. And just to make you feel even more dazzled by your options, EW and CCI have rolled out another major offsite event.

Con-X - not to be confused with SLCC's FanX event, because of course CCI would never want any confusion between SDCC and SLCC - will be a "unique experiential oasis" where "fans can relax, refresh and recharge while complementing their Comic-Con experience." Another outdoors offsite sounds exhausting to me, but you whippersnapper attendees probably feel differently.

So what can you do at Con-X? You can buy t-shirts, participate in trivia events and "fan-focused content," charge your devices - okay, this just got intensely useful - and eat, drink and relax in "shaded green outdoor areas." And we'll get nightly entertainment on stage. Since this all sounds free and is right at Embarcadero Marina Park North, that should be welcome news to nerds on a budget who are looking for low-cost/free things to do at night. The press release promises an "epic after-party atmosphere."

Not anyone can get in; Con-X will "accommodate badge-holding attendees with entrance allowed on a first-come, first-served basis." Anyone who's seen the lines for the Adult Swim and other activations knows how that goes; sometimes you get right in and usually you don't. Given that this will offer up a place to eat, drink and charge your phone right by the Con, I'm guessing it'll stay consistently busy.

First-timers, it's probably becoming clear that Comic-Con is far more than its programming. The panels and tournaments and screenings inside the convention center are worthy of your time, but by now you've heard the siren's call of offsite parties and events - and you'll only hear about more from here. So if you haven't started making a list or spreadsheet or agenda of some sort, you really should start one. The next 4 weeks are going to unleash a flood of information.

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