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19 JUNE 2016

I'm back in the world of the Internet-connected and should be safely here for the next month, so let's get to it. Where are we with San Diego Comic-Con?

Press badges are shipping out - but if you've got one coming, you probably know that already.

And if you're still plotting your way into the Star Trek premiere - here's a contest to not only attend, but meet the cast and hit the after-party.

Skybound's Negan and Glenn exclusive is getting non-comic-readers in a tizzy. So remember: this is based on the comic book, not the show. Should you get it anyhow if you're just a TV fan? I say yes, if only because the box says "Comes with exclusive smashed Glenn head."

Wonder Woman's invisible plane will be at SDCC (though not in her upcoming movie) as a symbol of her "global appeal and the special place she holds in the hearts of generations of girls who have imagined wielding their own lassos of truth." That's not what girls imagine, PR exec. Anyhow, the plane will light up at night, making it a cool photo op, and in one of the weirdest comic book merchandising deals ever, there will be Wonder Woman stuff at Pottery Barn. Tastefully minimalist, I'm sure.

If you're a first-timer, you may be wondering how people are getting tickets to the Conan O'Brien tapings, Syfy presents and other offsites everyone's talking about. While tickets are hard to get for the top events, you can lay the groundwork now. Join Team Coco for Conan tickets and pay strict attention to when the sale is announced - they will be gone in minutes.

Speaking of Syfy Presents, we know Will Arnett is hosting - and the event will have an "outdoor stage." Hmm. That sounds very MTV-spring breakish.

It seems like HBO is committing to making Westworld a success so let's ignore its previous SDCC history and hope this is one of the more interesting peeks we see this July.

One peek I think people should NOT anticipate: the Harley Quinn movie in development. Expecting that is a bit premature, though everyone is hyped about it. But it has been announced that the movie will feature other female DC heroes and villains, so maybe Warner Bros will drop a few plot details to help you plan next summer's cosplay.

Same goes for the Battlestar Galactica movie. Too soon.

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