The shuttle map is posted. Here's why you care.

30 JUNE 2017

When you dream of Comic-Con, you probably see yourself in the front section of Ballroom 20 or parading around in cosplay finery or blowing three paychecks at once in the Exhibit Hall. Riding around on a shuttle bus? Not the most glamorous part of San Diego Comic-Con. Especially when your bus is stuck in traffic and your every urge is telling you to leap off and run to the convention center.

The free shuttle service is immensely useful, though - and not just for the long slog to your room at the Town and Country. Shuttles help save your aching feet by transporting you to distant restaurants, parties at other hotels, and other destinations. (And if you're doing SDCC in any kind of vigorous way, your feet will ache. I'm an avid hiker and even my feet get sore at Comic-Con.)

The shuttles are wheelchair-friendly, go all over and run day and night - literally. That's 24 hour service to 63 locations. Which is another reason they're so awesome; you can party down wherever you find yourself and skip the whole Lyft/staggering around lost/trusting the wrong person thing and crawl to the nearest shuttle stop. Safe return accomplished without a dime spent.

So in review, shuttles are your friend; they'll help you save money, stay safe and protect your feet. Even if you're staying right next to the Con, you may want to give the schedule and map a look. You might solve a transportation problem you didn't know you had.


  1. Agree with you 100%. Last year was my first time, and I was on Shelter Island. The shuttle was great!