CCI and San Diego renewed their vows

30 JUNE 2017

Remember when you were little and your parents would let you unwrap one gift on Christmas Eve to hold you till morning? We got an early Con gift today: San Diego Comic-Con is staying in San Diego through 2021.

No, we didn't get the convention center expansion of our dreams promised to us, but the 3-year deal does involve local hotels providing those sweet, sweet discounts. And mayor Kevin Faulconer is still angling for that expansion, noting, "These three additional years are going to go by real quickly. Our convention center must be expanded if we want to keep Comic-Con and other major events in our city."

Those of you who remember when the contract was extended to 2018 - which then sounded so far in the future - know how true that is. 2021 may sound like The Future, but we'll be there before you know it. Though god knows what those badge sales will be like.

Give a little thanks to CCI, the San Diego Tourism Authority and Mayor Faulconer today. They preserved our best Comic-Con future for a few more years.

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