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27 JUNE 2016

Sometimes it seems like we've already gotten so many panels, events and toys announced that there can't be anymore - and then more announcements come. That happened today.

Like this Cosplay Train Express. There is so much packed into this - a cosplay train hurtling through California, trivia contests, Julie Newmar and Adam West sauntering up and down the railway cars, personal phone messages from celebrities. You could view it as one way for Angelenos to get to San Diego each day for the Con or you could embrace it as the "world's first all immersive pop culture rail experience."

Data nerds, you will like this study/word cloud that analyzes all the subcultures and groups that go to San Diego Comic-Con. Or as they call it, the "tribes" of Comic-Con. Conclusion: "NYCC and similar events are giant regional shows that aggregate niche fandoms, whereas SDCC is a mass media event that appeals to a more global audience with broader, overlapping interests in pop culture of all kinds." I can agree with that.

Well, this is depressing. San Diego has launched a human trafficking awareness campaign deliberately before the MBL's All Star Game and Comic-Con to remind everyone that buying other people is not the best way to spend your vacation.

On a lighter note, you'll find out more about the new Sonic the Hedgehog game at the 22 July Sonic Comic-Con party.

And here's a radio contest offering multiple badges.

Your favorite Twilight Zone creatures are now a Pin Mate wooden figure set - everyone from Talky Tina to the plane gremlin who drove William Shatner nuts.

The Wicked + The Divine rolled out a new line of threadless t-shirts - so let's assume these will be at the more hipster SDCC booths.

True, the Walking Dead Escape is not going to be at SDCC. However, you can catch the experience at the new TWD attraction at Universal Studios if you're heartbroken over missing it.

Warner Bros. is going to drown you in TV shows at the Con - both these appetizing pilots and shows like Supergirl, The Flash, The 100, Big Bang Theory, Arrow, Blindspot, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Lucifer, The Originals, iZombie, Legends of Tomorrow, Frequency, Gotham and Animaniacs Live.

The Marriott Marquis, the hotel where I used to sleep each Comic-Con before the housing situation dissolved into madness, is going to be extra fancy for you this summer. A sprawling Swarovski crystal chandelier, 16 foot digital walls, floor to ceiling windows that gaze out on the skyline, a ginormous outdoor terrace - we may not have gotten our convention center expansion but we got this. We also got a great description of SDCC as "San Diego's biggest space hog" which is my favorite visual ever.

Supposedly Syfy Presents tix are going to go live at any moment. We'll see.

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