2 quick reminders for first-timers

28 JUNE 2016

You probably already know both these things, but I've heard from 2 people today who don't. So just in case...

Cosplay is not mandatory.

Someone said to me, "I can't think of a costume and time is running out." They were genuinely fretful. But SDCC isn't Halloween - you can schlep around in jeans and a t-shirt like the majority of attendees and you'll be fine. In fact, even if you are planning on 24/7 cosplay, I'd advise packing regular (and very comfortable) clothes just in case you burn out earlier than planned. Being stopped constantly for photographs, wearing something heavy or stiff in a hot Exhibit Hall - it can get tiring fast.

If you do want to cosplay, but can't think of the right concept, just let it go till next year. There's bound to be another Con in your future where you can make it happen. We're 3 weeks and counting, so there's no point in making yourself crazy with another burden at this point.

All of the panels and programming will be published by SDCC.

Maybe you feel like a butterfly catcher right now, trying to record every single panel time and room number. In fact, the full Comic-Con programming will go live 2 weeks before the Con. You'll have a full digital schedule at your fingertips and an app to help you get organized. CCI usually publishes an extensive list of the main exclusives too. Don't feel like you have to monitor the Internet every moment of every day making sure you catch everything - it's not possible. I know I said to make an agenda and I stand by that, but there's no point in exhausting yourself when much of this information will be served up on CCI's site.

ETA: I just realized both of these are making the same point - that you can't be a perfectionist when it comes to Comic-Con. I mean, you can try. You can be organized and prepared, and you should. But you don't want to aim for this impossible standard of everything going flawlessly because it won't.

Your favorite actor will cancel, your Mystique makeup will peel off in patches, you'll be too tired to hit that party, the Doctor Strange figure will sell out when you're 2 places in line from buying. It happens, so be easy on yourself and focus on having fun. There are too many moving parts - forgive the cliche - at SDCC for everything to be perfect, so just relax as much as you can and try not to stress. That way you really will enjoy yourself.


  1. If you want to 'dress up' but don't want to/aren't able to put a lot of time and effort into it, you can get clothing that mimics a costume, such a a t-shirt or hoodie that emulates a superhero costume, a Tardis dress, superhero-patterned leggings, etc.

    1. Excellent advice from the cosplay expert.