Be a TV star on SDCC/Syfy game show

28 JUNE 2016

Right off the bat: this is ONLY for people with a badge for San Diego Comic-Con. I know. Usually contests are to get you into SDCC; this one is to get you on TV.

We all know Syfy is telecasting from the Con. One of their activities will be a Sharknado trivia game show. So if you're a Sharknado fan and you want to exult in your Sharknado expertise on television, this could be your golden opportunity.

You need to have "a fun, outgoing personality," have an SDCC badge already, and be a fan of the 1st three Sharknado movies. You also need to be in San Diego on Tuesday, 19 July for the pre-shoot taping. So be ready to adjust your schedule accordingly.

Good luck with what will undoubtedly be the most sophisticated Comic-Con event of all time.

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