The SDCC Daily

24 JUNE 2016

So we're 4 weeks out from Friday night of the Con - 4 weeks from The Killing Joke screening, from the Eisner awards, from the midway point where you stare out your hotel room window and wonder if Comic-Con is really worth it and why does everyone seem to get invited to better parties than you. Excited yet?

Here's one thing that happened today: the Big Bang Theory mixed with Star Trek and we got these figures from Entertainment Earth. Everyone seems to like the idea of Sheldon on the holodeck so I'm sure these will be popular. So much that I'm starting to worry my conquest of the Entertainment Earth Booth on Preview Night will not be a sure thing - that it will be the Mattel Bloodbath of 2013 all over again.

Where's my badge? is the rallying cry across the land. If you don't have your badge, you are in fine company. They're shipping out in batches and most attendees I know do not have theirs. So don't fret.

That said, if you do get your badge, and you feel compelled to photograph it and saturate social media with the picture like 29384 other attendees are doing, maybe pose your cutest iguana with it or something. It's going to be a long summer if every other tweet is a picture of Negan and Lucille.

Was Seth Rogen mercilessly toying with us when he hinted that Sausage Party might come to San Diego Comic-Con? Because this looks like it would be the perfect chaser to a long Comic-Con day. (And if you didn't watch the trailer above but it assumed it's a cute animated flick for kids, not so much - this is adult fare about when food realizes it's going to be stabbed, burned and eaten alive by humans.)

Hey, Lucha Libre fans: El Santo is delivering unto you a cool lithograph, t-shirt and signing session at the Con.

If you're an independent comic creator and you're going to be in San Diego a day before SDCC kicks off, you can hear Terry Moore share his wisdom at "Rise of the Independents" at the library. This is happening Tuesday, 19 July, at 4 pm. You'll hear from attorneys and creators on topics like protecting your IP and choosing between print and digital. Because I love terrible puns, I would have titled this event "Independents' Day."

Here's another contest, but this one is just - "just" - for the Star Trek premiere. 

Gerard Way is going to dazzle you with DC's Young Animal imprint at a special panel. You'll get a look at 4 new titles: Mother Panic, Shade, the Changing Girl, Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye and Doom Patrol. Okay, mostly new.

Teachers and educators: you can attend a free comics conference during SDCC even if you don't have a badge. I'll post more on this later.


  1. Are you going to talk about free events and swag?

    1. If you mean my annual Comic-Con on a budget post, yes. Though this doesn't change much from year to year.