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23 JUNE 2016

A month from tomorrow is the last day of Comic-Con. How is that possible?

In case you don't have a badge, you still have a few days left to enter Collider's amazing contest.

Speaking of badges, was anyone else hoping attendees would have a different non-Lucille badge image? Maybe something from Suicide Squad or Archer or Doctor Strange or if TWD, Ezekiel and his tiger?

Of course, Lucille is definitely the belle of the SDCC ball, given that you can pick up a Lucille key chain or bat.

Sideshow Collectibles is bringing a cool just-off-the-factory-line R2D2 and a Russ Meyers-inspired Poison Ivy. And Entertainment Earth is going to scare the crap out of you with this ghoulish Joker-in-the-box that looks like it might come to life and murder you in your sleep.

If you're going to The Retailer Lunch at SDCC, you'll pick up these freebies from DC, Boom, IDW, Marvel, Valiant and Titan.

Speaking of DC, with Rebirth in full swing, will there be panels afoot to sell us on it the way there were a thousand of them promoting The New 52? I'm guessing yes.

We got a fresh trailer for Fantastic Beasts today that includes more creatures, including one that looks like Groot impregnated a mantid.

Everyone knows the fan love that goes into cosplay, but not as many people see the passion that fuels fan fiction and fan films. Today CBS and Paramount unleashed new guidelines for Star Trek fan films, and they go way beyond disclaimers. Will this discussion make it into some of the legal creative panels at Comic-Con? Probably.

What will almost definitely be at Comic-Con: news about the Star Trek series.

You can start voting in the MTV Fandom awards, whether or not you're going to the Comic-Con Thursday night party.

The new Sharknado movie is called "The 4th Awakens" if you need cosplay ideas for the panel.

FX news to thrill and sadden you: American Horror Story won't be at SDCC. But Archer will and it's been renewed for 3 more seasons. Let's hope we get more good exclusives this summer, though last year's face pillow will be hard to beat.

Tomorrow is supposed to hold some exciting news. We'll see.

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