The IFF schedule is up

6 JUNE 2016

The International Independent Film Festival is back to entertain you with films you probably won't see anywhere else. You'll get more than 50 films, from the usual SDCC genres - those being Horror/Suspense, Animation, Comics-Oriented, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Comedy, Documentary and Action/Adventure. And yes, the popular IFF film school will also return each morning.

If you're a first-timer OR you've simply ignored the IFF in your Comic-Con journey, don't write this off. You can see some very creative work here, and it's a nice break from the noise and chaos of the rest of the Con. Competition is pretty intense for this, so it's not like you're attending the local library's student movie night.

Now if you have gone before - be aware the location has shifted. It's still at the Marriott next door but will be in the new section, specifically in the Pacific 23 room. Movies in room 23: is this a LOST joke? I can't tell.

I also can't tell you much about this year's crop of films. But I do know which one has my favorite title: Genghis Khan Conquers the Moon. You can see the full schedule here.

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