A few reminders

7 JUNE 2016

We're getting to that point in Con season when it's easy to lose track of which event tickets go live when and which exclusives got you so excited 2 weeks ago. So here are a few reminders.

If you have any interest in attending NerdHQ conversations, Syfy Live telecast or Conan O'Brien shows, you will want to start stalking their information flows. Sign up with the appropriate channels and stay vigilant. If you've just heard about these tickets being available, it's already too late.

And on the off chance you don't have a ticket and are desperately hoping for a kind-hearted scalper to make Comic-Con happen for you - maybe try a contest instead? Dark Horse and Collider are both going strong. 

Also, I updated my 2016 page so keep checking back for more news on panels, events and exclusives.

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