Souvenir book cover is out

1 JUNE 2016

Our favorite Amazon princess with the invisible airplane and bondage skills is having quite a moment, isn't she? From Grant Morrison to Jill Thompson, it seems everyone wants to create Wonder Woman stories - and now Babs Tarr has depicted her for the souvenir guide cover.

First-timers, this is a pretty decent book, just so you know. It's not some flimsy pamphlet full of ads and fluff; CCI solicits high-quality art and essays, and many attendees save theirs. (I've had mine borrowed by friends.) So if you're wondering why the cover release has been so highly anticipated - it's a big deal. One reason being that it signifies to many that San Diego Comic-Con is almost here.


  1. Hey Valerie about the emails sending out for the available hotels....are they gonna notify us regardless of whether we get a room or not. I am get very anxious.

    1. I don't know for sure but I think when this whole process is done (and it's going to take a while, a minimum of 2 weeks if their 10 business days quote is correct) they may put up a blog post or more likely, send out an email to everyone on the wait list letting them know all rooms have been assigned. That would be the decent thing to do.

      I know so far a few people have gotten great news but most people I know who are presumably high up on the list (including myself) have heard nothing. I'm sorry.