Start checking your email

31 MAY 2016

Tomorrow it begins - the notifications that tell a lucky few that they've gotten a hotel room after all.

Emphasis on the few. I don't expect a deafening chorus of attendees rejoicing over their rooms at Hilton Bayfront. And because I think a lot of attendees who are notified will then release those rooms in favor of whatever other arrangements they've made, I expect this process to roll on for a bit.

I know a lot of you had multiple email addresses in the mix on Hotel Day, so be sure to check them all just in case the order isn't as predictable as we were told. Remember, you only have 48 hours to confirm your new reservation, so you need to be ready to act. (And pay.)

A couple of people have emailed me asking for any room I get assigned; unfortunately I am deep in the East Coast boonies right now, with limited Internet access and even more limited time. So no, I can't assist with any hotel switcheroos over the next week or so. I'm sorry. That said, I have also gotten a few positive reports from attendees who are still finding Airbnb deals - while we've been making SDCC plans for months, there are San Diego residents who are just starting to think about making some $$$ from Comic-Con and posting lodgings. So please don't give up even if the Waitlist Process doesn't work out for you. Just keep looking (for rooms as well as people seeking roommates) and you'll find something.

Good luck. I'll be monitoring the process as much as I can and will report on what I hear.

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