Get organized for the Hotel Waitlist Process

26 MAY 2016

If you're waitlisted for a hotel room, and it feels like almost all of us are, you'll need to be on your game for what's coming. Here's the deal.

  • You need to check your email daily "for at least 10 business days" for that all-important email. 

  • You'll have only 48 hours to book a new reservation. However, for the sake of everyone else who's waiting behind you, the kindest thing you can do is release the reservation immediately if you don't need it. I think this will happen more than people expect; in the almost-2-months since Hotel Day, most of us have made other arrangements. It will help to just release the room and let it roll on down to the next person, instead of waiting those 2 days.

  • If you do book your room, you need to cancel your reservation that same day. And you'll need your onPeakID number from your original and confirmation emails, a reachable phone number and the right email address association with that original reservation.

  •  You'll pony up your 2 nights' deposit right then and there, but the refund from your canceled room could take a few days. You know how that goes. Be sure your credit card can accommodate all this switching around, is the point.

This is a busy time of year for many of us; I have to be in 4 states during this time period. So even if you feel doubtful about scoring a room in this process, get prepared now with the right information.

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