Some waitlist emails & some badges are going out but try to stay calm

3 JUNE 2016

I love Comic-Con. Even when I'm cursing some new inefficiency or disaster, I still love it. And one of the things I love in a masochistic way is that SDCC always manages to keep us on our toes, in a way that's both frustrating and exhilarating.

Witness this week: some hotel waitlist emails are trickling out, but not a whole lot, and those of us who got into the system right away but still haven't gotten a wisp of an email are asking: where is my damn email??? It's a whole different flavor of anxiety, one that plods on day after day, increasing your bitterness and cynicism as everyone else brags about their new room at the Omni.

Then there are the people showing off their new badges. I've only seen Professional badges so far, but of course some attendees are now anxiously wondering about theirs. My advice: stay calm and remember that attendee badge mailings are going to be staggered when they start. Those of us who had multiple buyers have until 10 June to change our addresses, meaning our badges won't be shipped until after that. And of course, CCI just has a truckload of badges to mail out overall. So it's natural to not get your attendee badge as soon as other people, even if you had a single buyer. (And yes, your badge will have your name on it, in case you were wondering.)

So all in all, June might be a bit nervewracking, especially for those of you who still don't have a room. My advice: if you're completely homeless, look around for people who need roommates. There are still rooms available but they are pricey and I'm guessing most people aren't willing to pay those rates on their own. And of course, look for Airbnb and shake whatever trees you can. You'd be surprised how many people know someone in San Diego who'll let you crash on their couch or sleep in their guest room. You can always play the "I'll help you try to go SDCC next year" card - pretty much everyone wants to go to San Diego Comic-Con. I know a guy who mentioned it on LinkedIn of all places and was deluged with contacts asking if he could get them a badge or pick up a Funko toy.

In the meantime, you can keep hunting for roommate opportunities. I realize, by the way, that bunking down with a stranger is weird; I'd never suggest it's not, especially since it would make me uncomfortable. But A) desperate times call for desperate measures B) you're barely in your room and C) most attendees are great people. Most.

Now that I'm back in the land of technology again, I'll do a better job monitoring the waitlist situation. Try not to get too anxious and build your Plan B. Something will work out.

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