Update on multiple buyer badge mailing

25 MAY 2016

As we found out a few days ago, CCI simplified the badge mailing situation by specifying that attendees who'd gotten badges in both Pre-reg and Open Reg, would get their SDCC badges mailed to them directly. And now, just to help everyone understand who's impacted, CCI is emailing the buyers themselves to let them know NOT to expect certain badges.

Again, let's say you bought your own badge in Pre-reg - and then an online pal was able to upgrade you to Preview Night during Open Reg. You'll get the badge delivered right to your mailbox. And they should have just gotten an email telling them that.

This will help everyone feel more settled about which badges to expect. I know emotions run high during badge sales, names and Member IDs and Paypal accounts get tossed around in private chats, and then it's months later and people can't exactly remember who bought for who. It's probably a good time to start checking your records and get that sorted now. I'm hoping that next year will involve every attendee getting their badge directly - but in the meantime, CCI has made it a little simpler for everyone.

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