Will you finally get a hotel room 1 June? Maybe.

25 MAY 2016

Here we go, kids; the Comic-Con Hotel Waitlist Process begins 1 June.

If you're lucky enough to be tapped by the waitlist gods - and be realistic about your chances here, because there are probably WAY more people on that list than there are rooms - you'll get an email telling you so. You'll have 48 hours to confirm your reservation and you must cancel your old one that same day. If you don't, both reservations are "subject to cancellations with penalties and without notice."

What's the order? "Waitlist priority is determined by the same timestamp used when you accessed the original housing request form on April 5th." Assuming that's valid, you should know how good your chances are.

You'll need to make a 2 night deposit right then and there; and yes, you'll get any deposit on your other room back.

So this should make a few of you happy - but again, we all need to be realistic. Good luck.


  1. Hi Valerie. Are these hotels near Convention Center/ Gaslamp or like Mission Valley range?

    1. Depends. Starting out, they'll probably dole out the hotel rooms that match up with requests, but eventually they're going to be offering any rooms to the people who didn't get anything. I wouldn't get your hopes up, in other words. But I'm sure some people will get what they want.

      I really wish they'd just let us into the system to cherry-pick and divvy up nights.