Another change to badge shipping rules

23 MAY 2016

Is anyone else excited that their SDCC badge will be physically in their hands in about a month or so? Forget it - of course you are. So let me ask you this: are you anxious at all about the badge shipping process?

Like... The envelope will be abducted by nerd pirates, or that online friend is really a dastardly scalper who's going to sell your badge, or you'll have a home invasion between the badge arrival and Comic-Con? Are any of those scenarios in your head?

Probably none of those will happen, knock on wood, but many of us will need to be at least a little vigilant in terms of receiving and mailing out other people's badges. As you know, the person who paid for the badge will be the one to get it from CCI; that's what we've been told all along, anyhow. Yet this has changed for some people and it's mostly a good thing.

The change impacts only those of us who got badges in both the Preg-reg sale and the Open Reg sale. Our badges - regardless of who paid for the final badge in Open Reg - will come directly to us. Let's say your cousin got you Thursday and Sunday badges during Pre-Reg, yet you managed to get all 4 days during Open Reg and paid for that yourself. Those badges will come to you - not your cousin.

This is a nice simplification, mostly. However, if you paid for a bunch of other people's badges during Open Reg, you may have no idea which of them fall into this club. Therefore it's not a bad idea to check with your people now and verify exactly whose badges to expect in your mailbox. It'll put everyone's mind at rest and spare you a meltdown when you get one less badge than expected. Because let's be honest, there will be thousands of nervous attendee voices on social media once people start reporting the arrival of their badges. Everyone's going to wonder where theirs is and if they can really trust their buying group and why isn't their badge there yet and so on.  It'll help to iron out expectations now.

Oh, and you have until 10 June to verify your address. So if you originally weren't worried about your outdated mailing address in your Member ID account because you thought someone else would get your badge - get in there and make it current.

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