Are you going to the Star Trek premiere at SDCC?

22 MAY 2016

We've long suspected this will be a very Star Trek Comic-Con, and now one of our wishes has been confirmed: on Wednesday, 20 July, Star Trek Beyond will premiere at SDCC.

Specifically, behind the convention center, IMAX-style, with the cast in attendance and the San Diego Symphony offering a live performance. You can't beat that. To be clear, this is the official premiere, red carpet and all; on the one hand, that makes it especially exciting, but also makes it that much harder to attend.

If you feel confident about your chances of getting in, BUT you have a Preview night badge, you may feel torn between the two. I think you'll be okay. You should be able to ransack the Exhibit Hall from 6-7 and still get seated by showtime. At any rate, you clearly have some kind of magic powers if you get a premiere ticket and a PV badge, so you'll find a way to make it work.

Now. Because most of us won't get in - will there be any other special events celebrating the official Friday opening? Maybe. If you're a lifelong Trekkie, don't view this as your only opportunity to live long and prosper at SDCC; I'm pretty confident we'll have other events. A lot of us are hoping that Adam Nimoy brings his documentary "For the Love of Spock" and/or that the 50th anniversary Ultimate Voyage tour makes a stop; but even if those don't happen, the 50th anniversary and the new movie will get celebrated.

Stay tuned for ticket news.

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