An SDCC exclusive that isn't

24 MAY 2016

Here's a koan that probably won't provoke any enlightenment: if an exclusive is sold long before San Diego Comic-Con, and shipped long after San Diego Comic-Con, and never actually comes into physical contact with San Diego Comic-Con, is it in fact a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive?

I say it isn't, but the fine minds at Square Enix say otherwise. The above 9.7" figure, associated with your favorite Batman movie ever (/s), can be pre-ordered for 150 and will ship starting 31 August. Limit 2 per customer, no matter how much you loved Batman v Superman.

It used to be that we'd debate the literal meaning of "exclusive" in "Comic-Con exclusive" but apparently now the whole phrase is up for grabs. But maybe this is preferable to Hasbro-type line shenanigans? Your call.

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