ReedPOP created a Con for pretentious Millennials

11 MAY 2016

Take this whole post with a grain of salt, because I'm probably too uncool to understand the very special nature of this new Con. Write things like "unique event that will bring together a consumer experience carefully curated by the most influential minds in the world" and "creatively push ourselves to constantly elevate and re-imagine our shared horizons" and I go blind for a few seconds. Anyhow.

ReedPOP has partnered with COMPLEX, a "Millennial media platform," to create ComplexCon, a festival that will bring together pop culture, art, music, food, style, sports, sneakers and more. So... everything? "World renowned icon and renaissance man" Pharrell is involved and so is Takashi Murakami, who was inspired by the "good vibe and untamed, youthful energy they possess." (Sorry for all the quotes but I write like an 18th century spinster compared to this press release, and I want to do justice to the hyperbole.)

ComplexCon is in Long Beach on 5-6 November. If the terrifying robot in charge of their website is any indication, they might have some kind of brainwashing film, like LOST's room 23, to wipe this election year from your mind. That alone would be worth a ticket.

And hey, maybe this is right up your alley! My crankiness aside, this could be a fun event. You can buy sneakers, go to concerts, see innovative art, eat locally sourced loup de mer (guessing) and revel in your transcendental hipness. There's no end to the wonders ReedPOP is ready to bring you, especially involving "the brands you love."

Okay, I'm done quoting. Tickets aren't on sale yet but you can sign up on their site to get advance notice, and presumably more information on the bands, food, products and other offerings. ComplexCon, everyone! For the capitalist visionary cyborg in you.

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