Hotel Day is here

5 APRIL 2016

9:43 am

One thing to be aware of - a lot of us booked safety rooms at Hotel Z months ago. So expect to see some of those get released this weekend. It's downtown, in walking distance of the convention center, at 521 6th Ave. And supposedly they offer free cupcakes, so there's that.

In general, prepare for a lot of room trading this weekend. This isn't over, not by a long shot.

9:18 am

Well, that was painless. I got in almost immediately but it sounds like many other people did too. What I really liked: the numbers. It let me know which browser to focus on.

Since it went so fast, it's hard to estimate how we all did. I guess we'll all know in a few days.

8:51 am

It's almost time. You know the drill - hit the loo, get a drink, have all your information at the ready. Don't worry about credit cards; you don't need them today.

8:44 am

I got this text: "Just woke up. Did I miss the hotel thing?" I will never understand these people who can sleep through SDCC badge and hotel sales. How are they not awake with anxiety at 4 am?

7:43 am

When you get into the form, don't bother scrolling through the whole list of hotels. See where it says "Skip to form" at the right? Click that immediately. Every second counts.

7:28 am

CCI has thoughtfully provided a sample form so you can practice. That was nice of them. I suggest looking at it even if you've been practicing on last year's form.

7:07 am

Welcome to what last year was the worst SDCC sale of the year. Today will hopefully go more smoothly; maybe the new lottery process will mean fewer white pages of death and bizarro screens, and On Peak will prove to be our hotel champion in a way Travel Planners never was. (Yes, I know they merged and we're probably dealing with many of the same people.)

Or it could all turn into a sky-high dumpster fire of a sale with even worse glitches than before. The whole delayed email deal did not give me confidence, but let's go into it with neutral expectations.

Again, whatever happens today - say, you don't get picked in time for the lottery - you will have other options. You can find someone online to trade rooms with. You can wait for online reservations to open back up and find a room that way. (And you will find something.) So try not to get too attached to the vision of you eating breakfast in your Hilton Bayfront room, watching the Hall H line. A hotel room is just a place to sleep at night.

Good luck. I'll be live-blogging the sale so stay tuned.

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