Quick reminder on hotel exchanges - be discreet

31 MARCH 2015

If there's one positive thing that can be said for the Great Hotel Massacre of 2015, it's that it brought out attendees' spirit of generosity. A lot of people stepped forward and made rooms available to their fellow (less fortunate) attendees, often at inconvenience to themselves. It's been impressive to witness.

However, in the process of trading rooms - or condo rentals or other situations - many people have by necessity wound up providing full names, phone numbers, Member IDs, home addresses, email addresses and other information to strangers. These are precarious transactions, founded on trust. And there have now been several situations where 1 room has passed through multiple strangers, or an Airbnb posted online, with information shared beyond what the original party consented to.

If you're involved in some kind of housing/hotel trade right now - and a lot of us are - please respect whatever information you've been given. I know it's easy to forward an email or hand out someone's contact info, and it can feel like you're helping, but no one wants their personal information traveling around online. So try to be mindful of whose data gets shared and with whom.

Also, if someone transferred their room to you, and it turns out you don't need it, please don't just cancel it. Consider transferring it to someone else. I guarantee there's someone who needs it.

The automatic friendship that exists between attendees is a great thing. The last thing we want is to foster resentment or unwillingness to help, so please be careful and honor the spirit of trust that's helping people find better outcomes with their hotel situation.

And finally, thanks to everyone who's jumped in to help their fellow attendees. The easiest thing is to simply let go of a room you don't need, but the number of people who have made an effort to help complete strangers is part of what makes San Diego Comic-Con so amazing.

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