Are you going to subscribe to SDCC On Demand?

14 MARCH 2016

You may remember back when CCI announced a partnership with Lionsgate to bring you subscription content - essentially, the joy of SDCC consumed right from your most comfortable sofa. No standing in line, no heartrending badge sale, no exorbitant hotel bills. That's been the dream, anyway.

Today we got a closer look at what the reality might be. Like....
  • Roundtable discussion shows.
  • The Kings of Con show, inspired by real Con life.
  • A weekly movie talk in partnership with Collider. 
  • A reality show about geek fashion company Her Universe that follows contestants in the SDCC fashion show.
  • A pop culture news show and late night talk show produced by G4 star Kevin Pereira.
  • An all-female pop culture panel.
  • A science entertainment program starring illusionist Jason Latimer "who explores breakthrough technologies capable of achieving his seemingly impossible feats of magic with real science."
  • Programs on comics, science, gaming and interviews.
So no - it may not be the literal Con experience delivered to your living room, but it sounds like it will offer the feel and flavor of Comic-Con. That's the hope, anyway. More details - like cost - will help people know what to expect and how to feel about it, no doubt.

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  1. Right now it's free to sign up for the beta version, which begins on FCBD.