SDCCTV is on its way to you

9 APRIL 2015

In a world where everything must be recorded, distributed and marketed, San Diego Comic-Con content will soon be yours to access and control. That's right - CCI and Lionsgate are teaming up to bring you archival Con footage, movies, TV shows, panels and other "fan culture" material.

We don't know what it will be called yet or when it will go live, but we do know it's a subscription-based platform. I personally know that it's not just for "fanboys" despite Hollywood Reporter's lazy clichéd writing. I'd also guess that this year's Con will be involved since they're finally announcing it now after 2 years of collaboration. But because "45 years of Comic-Con history" was mentioned, it sounds like vintage panels will be available too. That could be highly entertaining.

If you're thirsting for a quote, I have one for you. "The fan base for the kind of films and television series showcased at Comic-Con has grown exponentially and a subscription video-on-demand service is the ideal platform to capture the magic and excitement of the Comic-Con experience year-round as well as the perfect vehicle for Comic-Con fans to discover new content." Despite Comic-Con being in the quote 3 times, that's from Lionsgate president of worldwide TV and digital distribution Jim Packer.

Here's something I didn't know: there's already a CONtv, launched by the producer of Wizard World and Cinedigm. But while the two services might sound similar, SDCCTV (not its real name) will obviously bring a different experience to the table.

Will there be any special SDCC recordings or events this summer? The possibilities are endless; you could have a cosplayer soap opera, a grimly tense MTG tournament, a comic grading version of the Antique Roadshow, a psychological test where attendees are randomly selected out of the Hall H line for admittance. I know we had Morgan Spurlock's documentary but it wasn't exactly cinema verite. It'll be interesting to see what new elements this introduces into this year's Comic-Con - if any.

It'll also be interesting to see if never-beens watching at home will be inspired to try for a badge, or finally have the Con demystified for them. My guess: the former.

I'll post more when I know a release date and other details.

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