Upcoming SDCC Deadlines

12 APRIL 2015

As you prepare to grapple with your results in the Ace parking lottery, remember that a few other deadlines are drawing near.

Hotel Deposit Refund 

If you're been desperately revisiting the hotel site over and over, hoping to land at the exact moment a room at the Hyatt opens up, you probably realize by now that you're on a fool's errand. Which means you're probably not going to cancel the hotel deposit you already paid. But if you do need that money back, the deadline is 15 April. That's to get the whole thing; you can still recoup one night of the two for a few more weeks.

Souvenir Book

The submission deadline for this is 17 April at 11:59 p.m. There are various formatting guidelines to follow, so don't wait until the last second; give yourself some wiggle room by finalizing your project ASAP.


Officially the deadline is 20 June; realistically it's as soon as you can. CCI states clearly that available slots fill up quickly, and last year they had to close down entries before the deadline. Don't drag your feet on this.

Badge Refund

If you're one of the unlucky few who just can't go to Comic-Con after all, you have about 2 more months to work a miracle and dissolve whatever obstacle is sitting on that weekend. Then time runs out on 15 June and you'll have to request a badge refund. No, you can't transfer it; trying to sell it is also verboten. Just get your money back, then put a hex on whoever came between you and your Comic-Con.

3 months from today, San Diego Comic-Con will be over. That means we have about 1 more month of being able to focus on regular life and then the announcements will start flying and stir up that annual all-consuming Comic-Con mania. Those last weeks always go fast, so enjoy this calm while you have it. And if you haven't already started saving money and generally preparing, now is the time to start.

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