Did you get a room today?

8 APRIL 2014

Today was about as ugly as expected. If you didn't get in and get a room, you might be feeling panicked right now.

I just checked the system and there are hotel rooms for Wednesday night and Saturday night. None for Thursday and Friday, not under 1 person. I didn't check every configuration so it's possible more are out there.

With the deposit refund deadline drawing near - it's 15 April - some people will let go of their rooms over the next week. And after that, even more rooms will open up over the next 3 months. How many? That's hard to say, and I don't think it's going to be enough to satisfy everyone.

Keep checking the site multiple times a day, every day. Get friendly with Travel Planners. Look on Airbnb and look for local hotels that aren't under the Travel Planners umbrella. Ask around online and see if anyone might release a room to you, or needs a roommate.

I can't recall a time when the hotel situation was quite so dire. Or when the one option that worked was an "overflow" site full of sky-high prices. If this is the shape of the future, it's frightening.

Next year I'll push Early Bird harder than ever. But I'm guessing most people will still take their chances.


  1. More hotel rooms came into the system today. If you keep checking, you will find something. Even if it's not all the days you want, you may find those days later. Moral: check often.