Too late, you missed your chance to volunteer

8 OCTOBER 2015

If you were still debating as to whether or not to sign up for the Volunteer Interest List for SDCC, never mind - it's full. 

"We are no longer accepting additions to the list."

Worth noting: online volunteer registration will be in early 2016, first for returning 2015 volunteers and then those of you on the interest list. The first group gets a 2 week window in which to register; after they pick and choose their desired spots, the interest list volunteers will grab what's left on a first come, first serve basis.

Also worth noting: CCI's shoutout to volunteering for WonderCon Los Angeles. Yes, that's what we're calling it now. They want you to know that those volunteer opportunities will be available soon as well, so keep checking that page. You're not interested in WonderCon Los Angeles, you say? Well, maybe you should be. But I'll post on that later.

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