Don't wait to get your ECCC Saturday ticket because...

4 OCTOBER 2015

....the ECCC team said "they will most likely sell out soon, as Saturday is our busiest day at the Con."

This isn't the same type of warning bell they ring when a ticket type is perilously close to selling out - but it is a reminder to snap out of your complacency and buy your single day tickets now. It'll be two weeks Wednesday since we plunged down the Emerald City ticket sale rabbit hole. All of you "but I have to wait for my next paycheck" people should have had time to get paid, borrow a credit card or make some other arrangement.

Sorry if that sounds mean. But I can assure you that NYCC or SDCC attendees would sell their grandmothers for an online registration sale this accessible. Be appreciative, then be pragmatic and get on it. A Saturday ticket is only $45.

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