Do you want to work for CCI?

1 OCTOBER 2015

Admit it, you know you do. You want to infiltrate their shadowy organization and learn all their secrets and slowly, stealthily, hijack their infrastructure until the SDCC badge sales favor you and all your friends.

You probably won't be able to pull off any of that as a Senior Accountant, but that's what they want to hire right now - a FT employee who can "tackle the ever-increasing complexities and special financial reporting requirements of our non-profit organization." That's just today, though. They've created a whole new Jobs page just like a real company, albeit without a stock photo of two people laughing and drinking coffee over an office desk. They're even on Career Builder. Keep checking back!

I'd be remiss if I didn't note that October started today, and that's only 1 month away from the (probable) month of SDCC Pre-registration. (Official word: "Attendee Preregistration will launch sometime after October 31, 2015." So November is a safe guess.) That makes this next month kind of like Schrodinger's Badge - maybe you're going to Comic-Con 2016, maybe not, but you won't have to face the reality of a failure for a few more weeks, until the 1st guillotine of a badge sale falls on your neck. Feel confident about your imminent Preview Night badge while you can.

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