Picking your ECCC hotel room

26 AUGUST 2015

A year ago tomorrow, I booked my hotel room for Emerald City 2015. So far the ECCC site doesn't have much in the way of hotel information for 2016, but given that the badge sale is only a month away, it doesn't hurt to start thinking about where you might want to stay. Especially if this will be your first Emerald City Comicon and you're not familiar with the area.

So in the interest of being prepared, I'm providing the link to last year's ECCC hotel selection. This will give you an idea of what's available and where the hotels are. Be aware that Group Travel Associates isn't handling hotels for Emerald City this year, so they can't book any rooms for you. And while you're welcome to call the hotels listed, you'll probably pay more than if you go through the official hotel block of rooms.

In other words, you may as well wait a few weeks until ECCC posts the 2016 hotel page. No, this isn't crazy like an SDCC hotel sale. You'll probably get the room of your choosing if you act reasonably fast. You don't have to rush but I wouldn't let months go by either.

I'll post more on the badge sale and hotels when I have it.

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