ECCC sale will be in late September

25 AUGUST 2016

For those of you obsessively monitoring Emerald City Comicon for news of their badge sale, they just eeked out the teensiest bit of information: the sale will happen in late September. Give us a date, ECCC.

So. Late September. Not early September, like last year. And we still don't know if the badge structure will be the same as last year's or if they'll bring back the original VIP or launch something totally different. Nor do we know if the additional day of ECCC splendor will bump up prices. I imagine it would.

I'll be posting on ECCC hotels tomorrow, so stay tuned.


  1. Ugh... why the delay? They're killing me.....

    Seriously, I wonder if the delay means they're revamping... something. Either the way tickets are sold or the badge types or... something...

    1. I'm slightly relieved, because I'll be flying so much in the first half of the month that I was convinced the sale would go live right as I was boarding a plane. On the other hand - I want my ECCC pass NOW.

      I'm curious if they're going to roll out a whole new array of badge types. Under ReedPOP's influence, who knows what changes are afoot?